15 November 2010

A Year Later

After being more or less finished for a year now, here are some photos of the house taken in October with some of the landscape growing in. Thanks to lots of hard work (on the part of Mom and Dad), the gardens looked amazing by the end of the summer:

A more recent photo of the living room with some of the new furniture and a Tibetan rug from Mom and Dad's most recent adventures:

The house was on the Port Hope house tour this year, and we hosted about 950 people over the course of 6 hours! This was the line up to get inside:


  1. Fantastic project! We're about to embark on a similar project and we'd would love to ask a few questions about some of the materials you ended up choosing. Is there a way to make contact?

  2. Hi. I arrived here via the excellent Now Magazine article. This home is a wonderful achievement. I am sure it will lead to great opportunities for more excellent work in the near future.

    I am interested in "Green" building, and own a reclaimed lumber company out of Indiana (www.silverroot.com). Look me up if you're ever in Cabbagetown. Congratulations. Alexi

  3. Thanks everyone! Digli - I'd prefer to not post my email address here, but you can contact me through my office. I'm currently working at Kohn Shnier architects in Toronto. If you go to our website and send an email to the general mailbox it will get forwarded along to me.