18 October 2009


Here are some long awaited new photos! The landscaping is well on its way to being finished. We had to begin down in the ravine with the patio outside of Mom's studio and the stairs up the east side of the house, and then work our way out of the ravine up to the driveway which will be poured (with concrete of course!) tomorrow morning.

Inside paintings are hung, most things have been organized and unpacked, and the furniture is gradually being acquired and filled in.

To begin, some panoramas of the front with a very cool function on my new camera:

Some of Mom's new plants out front:

The pop-up balcony:

The new stairs and retaining wall on the east side of the house:

Moving inside, the more furnished living room with the new millwork piece on the west wall:

and living room looking in the opposite direction towards the kitchen:

the kitchen with the long awaited light fixtures over the sink:

and the glass panel separating the dining room from the stairwell: