24 June 2009

it's time to move!

....and it's almost done.

outside, most of the siding and soffits are on the back of the house,

the zinc flashings and facias are finally going on,

there's a garage door,

and even a mail slot!

Inside, the ensuite shower has a faucet, tiles....

and a bench,

the kitchen has the beginnings of cupboards and appliances,

and there are lights!

Time to move, I'd say.

07 June 2009

wood inside and outside

With the big deadline looming in a couple of weeks, things are (finally) moving at breakneck speed. Two weeks ago the concrete retaining walls for the driveway were poured and then they were backfilled last week. Now it's time to get some paving down so that the moving trucks don't arrive at a mud patch.

Now you can see how much of that beautiful concrete wall is visible after it's been backfilled:

Inside, the view from the master bedroom to the ravine through the study above and the dining room below:

The finished stairs have gone in (but are covered in foam and cardboard):

and on Saturday, the biggest transformation of all, was the hardwood flooring:

The flooring is an engineered hardwood which is necessary on top of heated floors to deal with the different temperatures. The finished surface is made up of narrow strips of wood, which means they can use a lot of scrap wood that would otherwise go to waste, and it's all finished with natural oils, so there's no yucky off-gassing (which hopefully means fewer headaches for Mom).

I realized I hadn't posted a photo of the back of the house recently, so here it is, pieced together, with the siding going up. Dad has spent a few days there with a giant stack of cedar and a big pot of stain, and his work has paid off: