29 March 2009

birds and bricks

I arrived at the construction site alone today (to take a look at the bricks, but we'll get to that later). It was rainy and dark and after I let myself into the house I heard banging noises coming from the basement. I called out - is anybody there?? - but no one answered, so I crept to the stairwell and the noises continued. Now those of you that know me well, know that the only thing that would be more terrifying than some creepy person lurking in the basement of the house would be a bird. That's of course what I found, and bolted upstairs. I thought my parent's bedroom would be safe and went into the ensuite washroom to check out the drywall only to find another bird perched on the stud wall. All I could do was run outside and lock the door behind me.....

So now onto the bricks. Pigmented mortar (right) vs. natural mortar (left). I can't decide.

Tell me what you think.

hvac and drywall

The spray foam insulation and the ductwork for the HRV were the last things to go in, and drywalling has begun.

On Friday the bricks and cement (St. Marys, of course) arrived on site. I've gotten used to the big white house, but I'm sure our neighbours will be much happier seeing it transform into a red brick house over the next few weeks.

16 March 2009


I haven't posted anything in awhile because it doesn't seem like much has been happening. Of course, a lot has been happening - it's just not very photogenic - the electricians and plumbers have been hard at work getting everything into the walls, ceilings and floors before we begin drywalling this week. Here's some photos of the brand new floors - concrete in the basement bedroom:

and gypcrete on the main level (with in-floor heating tubes):

01 March 2009


The last of the windows went in a couple of weeks ago, and the waterproofing on the roof terraces went on, so the house is now more or less waterproof and ready for the work to really start inside.

The tubing for the in-floor heating went into the lower level.

The concrete was poured and trowelled - hopefully to a nice smooth finish.

The rest of the interior framing is going up. This is a view on the master bedroom level in the stairwell looking towards the dining room (below) and the pop-up study (above).

A view from the kitchen looking into the stairwell (with temporary construction stairs).