25 January 2009

one down, twenty-eight to go

The first of the windows was in on Friday, and there should be lots more by now....

and most of the interior framing was done in the master bedroom and laundry room.

The electrical panel is in...

and the framing at the back of the house is now ready for the big windows.

18 January 2009

the windows arrive

The week before last the roof framing at the front of the house was finished and the rest of the roof went on.

Last week was too cold for anything but indoor activities, so the concrete floor in the garage was poured and the windows were delivered. Next week they'll start going in.

04 January 2009

the roof

Today Deb and Will made their first visit out to the house with me to see the progress made over the holidays.

The roofing insulation and membranes have been going on the bedroom roof and the kitchen roof. Here they are torching on the second membrane layer on the bedroom.

Dad ventured down into the ravine earlier last week to get a few photos of the back of the house with the study pop-up added.