20 December 2008


It was -10 and very snowy after the storm yesterday, but everyone was out working today to get the rest of the roof decking and framing up.

a view from the study pop-up looking towards the street over the roof of the master bedroom

a panorama from the street to the ravine looking at the master bedroom and study

and the view from the roof of the kitchen looking down into the ravine

19 December 2008


Today has turned into a snow day, which gives me time to catch up on last week's post. I finally made it out for the last ICF concrete pour, which involved the walls around the master bedroom and the east wall of the pop-up study.

The concrete was of course CBM:

The pump truck arrived and unfurled.

The concrete being pumped into the top of the wall.

and a couple of the guys vibrating the concrete inside the forms.

way up high.

07 December 2008

and now....

...the roof is on the living room and the kitchen, and the last lift of ICF is almost all there. The study floor is up and there's a little view of the lake from way up there.

A view from the living room, through the kitchen towards the master bedroom (up the ladder)

Dad checking out the view from the living room window (which should be arriving in a couple of weeks).

Now that the foundations have been backfilled I could take a step back and get a full view of the back of the house. For those of you who haven't seen the plans, the living room is in the upper left with a bedroom below it, the kitchen is in the center with Mom's studio below it, and the dining room is on the right with another bedroom below it and the study above it.

Then Dad climbed into the ravine for this one.

the steel arrives

a view from the living room towards the dining room

a view from the lower level up towards the ceiling of the garage

the last view of the front of the house before it was backfilled

(the ramp is a temporary route into the house through a window, but it kind of made me wish I had designed a house with a moat and draw bridge)

the first snow...

...happened a couple of weeks ago. Construction slowed down as we waited for the steel to arrive. Here they have started putting up the ledger boards and joist hangers to support the roof and the master bedroom floor.